Sweet Lane Gardens, Santa Rosa, CA Wedding Photographer // Julie + Billy part II


And here is part II of Julie and Billy’s wedding weekend! They had their wedding day at Sweet Lane Gardens in Santa Rosa, CA. This is a commercial nursery, but they also host weddings on their property. I want to go back here and take more photos in the nursery — just look how beautiful it is!

Julie and Billy were my last couple of 2016 and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to end my wedding season with. They were SO excited to be getting married and to celebrate with their close friends and family! Constant laughs, smiles, and hugs filled their day. Along with being the sweetest clients to me (Julie’s reaction to her sneak peeks and final delivery were THE BEST. All the heart eye emoji’s aren’t enough to express my gratitude!), I could tell that Julie and Billy have had quite the impact on the important people in their lives. Gosh, I just want to smoosh these two up and hug them forever!

I am so humbled to have been included in their special weekend and I think a trip to Chicago to visit you two has to happen! So much love to you two!! JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0001 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0002 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0003 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0004 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0005 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0006 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0007 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0008 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0009 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0010JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0012 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0013 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0015JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0014 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0016 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0017 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0044JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0045JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0018 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0019 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0020 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0021 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0022 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0023 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0024 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0025JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0026 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0027 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0028 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0029 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0030 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0031 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0032 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0033 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0034 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0035 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0036 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0037 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0038 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0039 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0040 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0041 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0042 JulieBillyWeddingBlog_0043


Venue: Sweet Lane Gardens // Cater: Creative Catering // Florist: David Hanson // Baker: Petaluma Pie Company DJ: Marcel Jones // Makeup: Nikol Elaine Artistry // Hair: Amanda Sands Hairdressing // Billy’s Suit: Topman // Julie’s Dress: Bhldn // Julie’s Shoe’s: TOMS // Photographer: Chelsea Dier Photography

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville, CA Photographer // Julie + Billy part I


Julie and Billy wanted to get married in the California Redwoods, but that plan didn’t quite pan out for them so we met up on Friday afternoon in the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in Guernevlille to fulfill their redwoods dream! I haven’t been here before, but it was an amazing park of redwoods all around and SO beautiful! I’m going to make their wedding blog into two posts because I have too many photos to share.

JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-11 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-13 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-22 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-34 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-35 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-46 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-64 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-60 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-73 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-77 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-87 JulieBillyRedwoodsWedding-92

Introducing Chelsea Dier Photography Albums


Let it be known that I actually LOVE designing albums. Putting together the whole story of your wedding day, adding in all the elements and moments of your day that you may have missed, because there is so much happening, brings me great joy.

Having a tangible collection of your BEST photos that you can look back on time after time has to be the best thing. With my albums, you are getting your photographs off your computer and created into a work of art. You’ll be able to pick up your album at any moment you have a yearning to (which would be all the time for me) and re-live your freakin’ WEDDING DAY! <3

I am requiring, okay highly recommending, all my clients to order albums because I want to design them for you! With your album, you may enjoy your photographs for years and years, along with passing the album down to your lil’ ones if that’s in the cards for you. dierphotographyalbums_0008 dierphotographyalbums_0001 dierphotographyalbums_0003dierphotographyalbums_0006dierphotographyalbums_0010dierphotographyalbums_0009dierphotographyalbums_0005

Ilan + Lauren // Wedding // Oakland, CA

ilan_laurenwedding_0009Oh Ilan and Lauren, the couple who had permanent smiles on their face the whole day. These two are so rad, so themselves and focused on having FUN alllll wedding day! I mean, their first dance started classically, and then transitioned into a choreographed dance set to THE Bieber (as in Justin Beiber). I definitely said multiple times to their guests, “you have the best friends!” Thank you so much for having me along to capture your day! And Happy Birthday Lauren :) ilan_laurenwedding_0000ilan_laurenwedding_0001ilan_laurenwedding_0002ilan_laurenwedding_0003ilan_laurenwedding_0004ilan_laurenwedding_0005ilan_laurenwedding_0006ilan_laurenwedding_0007ilan_laurenwedding_0010ilan_laurenwedding_0008ilan_laurenwedding_0011ilan_laurenwedding_0012ilan_laurenwedding_0013ilan_laurenwedding_0014ilan_laurenwedding_0015ilan_laurenwedding_0016ilan_laurenwedding_0037ilan_laurenwedding_0017ilan_laurenwedding_0018ilan_laurenwedding_0019ilan_laurenwedding_0020ilan_laurenwedding_0021ilan_laurenwedding_0022ilan_laurenwedding_0023ilan_laurenwedding_0024ilan_laurenwedding_0025ilan_laurenwedding_0026ilan_laurenwedding_0027ilan_laurenwedding_0029ilan_laurenwedding_0028ilan_laurenwedding_0030ilan_laurenwedding_0031ilan_laurenwedding_0032ilan_laurenwedding_0033ilan_laurenwedding_0034ilan_laurenwedding_0035ilan_laurenwedding_0036Cater + Florals: Culinary Excellence // DJ: Berkeley Squares // HMUA: Hair by Simone at Vine Street Salon // Men’s Suits: Menguin // Lauren’s Dress: Novella Bridal // Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew // Photographer: Chelsea Dier Photography // Second Photographer: 43rd Ave Photography


Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA Wedding Photographer // Shauna + Manuel

Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0002Shauna and Manuel got married at the Oakland Courthouse in the morning, and then I met up with them and their daughter for their portraits. I have visited the lake many times, but never shot a session here so I was a little nervous for how they would turn out. But, turns out the lake during golden hour is beautiful!! And it was so fun to hear all the “congratulations!” from people running and walking by them.

These two also crushed their portraits and I am so happy with how they turned out! Congratulations you two, and cheers to many happy, love filled years ahead!Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0001Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0003Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0005Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0004Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0009Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0006Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0007Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0008Shauna-Manuel-Lake-Merritt-Wedding_0010(Manuel’s first love, his restored car, so of course we needed to get some portraits with it as well)

HMUA: Girl with a Curling Iron // Photographer: Chelsea Dier Photography

Michael + Catie // Forest Elopement // Fort Bragg, CA

catie_michaelwedding_0013Catie and Michael had the most rad forest elopement up in Fort Bragg (about 3.5 hours north of the Bay) with their closest friends, family and two dogs in tow. Catie created her “bouquet” from bird feathers she has found while hiking and it was so her. She needed a bouquet that she could also use for their weekend celebration with friends (which by the way costumes were required for their reception — how fun!). Also check out her totally unique ring, wowza! Thank you times a million for having me along. I LOVED it and to future couples of CDP, I want to shoot this type of intimate ceremonies all the time! catie_michaelwedding_0000catie_michaelwedding_0001catie_michaelwedding_0002catie_michaelwedding_0003catie_michaelwedding_0004catie_michaelwedding_0019catie_michaelwedding_0005catie_michaelwedding_0006catie_michaelwedding_0007catie_michaelwedding_0008catie_michaelwedding_0009catie_michaelwedding_0010catie_michaelwedding_0011catie_michaelwedding_0012catie_michaelwedding_0014catie_michaelwedding_0015catie_michaelwedding_0016catie_michaelwedding_0017catie_michaelwedding_0018catie_michaelwedding_0020

Daniel + Lauren // Intimate Wedding // Sutter, CA

danile_laurenwedding_0027Daniel and Lauren, the wedding in an old almond orchard with the goofiest groomsmen (and an honorary cat-groomsmen — you’ll see his appearances throughout) with the yummiest light and their closest friends and family. This wedding was a dream to shoot! They are the sweetest couple and fully enjoyed their day and have some of the best friends who made sure they were fed and hydrated throughout their day.

Thank you so much for including me in your day. It was amazingly special <3

danile_laurenwedding_0006 danile_laurenwedding_0007 danile_laurenwedding_0005danile_laurenwedding_0045danile_laurenwedding_0000danile_laurenwedding_0001 danile_laurenwedding_0002danile_laurenwedding_0009 danile_laurenwedding_0008 danile_laurenwedding_0004 danile_laurenwedding_0003danile_laurenwedding_0012danile_laurenwedding_0041danile_laurenwedding_0010 danile_laurenwedding_0011danile_laurenwedding_0013danile_laurenwedding_0038 danile_laurenwedding_0025danile_laurenwedding_0039danile_laurenwedding_0015 danile_laurenwedding_0016 danile_laurenwedding_0017danile_laurenwedding_0040danile_laurenwedding_0019 danile_laurenwedding_0020 danile_laurenwedding_0021danile_laurenwedding_0022 danile_laurenwedding_0023danile_laurenwedding_0024danile_laurenwedding_0026 danile_laurenwedding_0028 danile_laurenwedding_0029 danile_laurenwedding_0031danile_laurenwedding_0030 danile_laurenwedding_0014danile_laurenwedding_0033 danile_laurenwedding_0032danile_laurenwedding_0034 danile_laurenwedding_0036 danile_laurenwedding_0044danile_laurenwedding_0037danile_laurenwedding_0042(I had to conclude this post with another cat photo… I can’t even, HAHA)

Planner + center pieces + cake: Cynthia Struckmeyer // Cater: Bacio // DJ: TSPdj // HMUA for bridesmaids: Hello Glam // HMUA for Lauren: Robert Savard // Florist: Yuba City Florist // Lauren’s Dress: Always Elegant Bridal // Photographer: Chelsea Dier Photography

San Francisco Golden Hour Portraits // Sutro Baths


OH MY GOSH! My dear friends Joey and Jane modeled for me this past Sunday and I have about died and gone to golden hour heaven. I really wanted to have some classic San Francisco shots in my portfolio, and the Golden Gate Bridge decided to show off and be amazing. Also, Karl the Fog was no where to be seen. We first went to Marshall’s Beach, which is just north of Baker Beach (and I believe the nude section of the beach) but we lucked out and only saw fully clothed people. We ended at Sutro Baths chasing the light and it created a moodier, contrasting feel to finish out the shoot with. So in love! And these two are so in love as well!!

JoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHour JoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHour JoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHour JoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHourJoeyJaneSanFrancisco_GoldenHour Yep, a shoot that dreams are made of <3

I would love to do another shoot or three here and explore more, so send me a “let’s do this!” to: hi [at] chelseadier [dot] com

Trail Mavens Point Reyes Kayaking // Tomales Bay, CA

TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0028I have been following Trail Mavens on Instagram for a while and Sasha recently posted that she was looking for photographers to join on their trips and take non-iphone photos of the trip, with the goal of capturing the feelings of the trip. I jumped right on this opportunity the moment I saw it! I have wanted to kayak across Tomales Bay and camp so this was a no-brainer. I also really love what Sasha (the fab founder) is doing with Trail Mavens in creating outdoor adventures for urban women and teaching all the skills you would need to feel comfortable going camping! The outdoors are so healing and beautiful that you shouldn’t be intimidated by them. Also women led adventures rock! Definitely check out Trail Mavens… there are trips in some spectacular places all over the Bay Area and beyond!   TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0021TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0020TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0035TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0022TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0023TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0024TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0033TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0025TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0026TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0027TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0030TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0029TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0037TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0036TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0032TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0031TrailMavensPointReyesKayaking_0034(ending the trip with the most delicious sandwich and Sofia)


Yosemite National Park // On Film

54630002Lindsey and I did 3 days of hiking in this beautiful National Park and it was amazing. She’s a fellow film shooter so it’s always great to explore with her because she understands the want for taking photos… and lends me an extra roll of film when I run out!

Who’s up for an #adventureelopement or wedding here?! I’m your gal to photograph it :) 54630006546500235465000354650009546500125465001654650024546500255463001054630016546300295463003454630023((oatmeal and coffee=camping musts))

shot on my canon ae-1 with fujifilm and portra